Laser Tag

The longest 10 minutes of your life! Be immersed in our 6000 Sq. foot arena with heart-pumping techno music and dramatic lighting. There is no waiting for your turn, everyone plays together! Dodge obstacles, sharp-shoot through windows, or simply blast through the crowd under the tower. Think those Halo/Fortnite/Call of Duty skills translate into real life? Bring it. Your scorecard at the end will tell the tale!

Retro Arcade

Leaderboards? We don’t speak that language here. We say ‘High Scores’. Our retro arcade will bring back memories of putting it all on the line by dropping quarters in a slot, standing close to a warm CRT, or keeping the ball in play.

Current arcades/skill:

2 red felt pool tables
2 Tornado Soccer Foos-Ball Tables
Dynamo Air Hockey (2 player, upstairs, blacklight!)
California Speed (1 player driving, Atari 1997)
Cruisin’ Exotica (1 player driving, Midway/Nintendo 1999)
Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command (2 player trackball action!, Atari 1980, 1981, 1982)
Combo Ms Pac Man/Galaga (2 player maze/shooter, Namco 2001)
Metal Slug 5 (2 player co-op platformer, NedoGeo SNK 2003)
Terminator 2 Judgement Day (2 player co-op shooter, Midway 1991)
Sky Soldiers (2 player co-op vertical shooter, Romstar 1988)
The Simpsons (4 player co-op beat-em-up, Konami 1991)
Funhouse Pinball (pinball, Williams 1990)
The Addams Family Pinball (pinball, Bally/Midway 1991)
Tekken 3 (2 player fighter, Namco 1996)
Big Buck Hunter 2 (1 player shooter, IT 2003)
Harley Davidson & LA Riders (1 player driving, Sega
The House of the Dead (2 player co-op shooting, Sega 1996)
Police Trainer (2 player co-op shooter, P&P Marketing 1997)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (2 player fighter, Capcom 2003)
Rampage World Tour (3 player co-op destruction, Midway 1996)


Gravity Hill
Grayhound Skill Crane
Smart Toy Magic Coin
Smart Toy Chest
Snack Attacker
Prize Time Ball Crane

Personality Tester (it’s never wrong!)


Vending is available, as well as 80’s Mixed pumped in the lobby to set the mood!