Dual Color Vest

Weight:                                    4 lbs 4 oz

Target Area:                           216 square inches

Target Illumination Color:  Orange / Blue

Membership Illumination:   Rapid Blink of team color

Input Sources:                       Fiber Optics (Visible or IR)

                                                   Full Duplex RF (Radio)

                                                   I button

Programmable Variables:   Vest Color Orange / Blue

                                                   Down time when tagged 0 - 10 sec

                                                   "Lives"  01- infinity

Radio Frequency:                   900 MHz

Radio Range:                           Greater than 500 ft indoor

Battery Pack:                           7.2-8.4 VDC @ 2800mA/hr

Charge Time:                          15 min Quick Charge

                                                     4 hr Full Charge

Play time per Charge:            48 hrs

The lightweight vest is built with 3 modes for input. All commands may be sent to the vest by any of these three sources. Vest configuration may be changed on the fly…with changes triggered based on game play. Vests will recognize center members or guests and will configure accordingly. Multi-source input allows Laser Mania vests to respond to a limitless variety of programmed or arena stimuli.

In addition to various game configurations…the input sources can also place the vest in diagnostic mode.