Retribution is the laser name for Mony Rothwell, the driving force who started the Laser Mania empire.  Mony was the original PR lady, the kick-butt marketing director who launched this family-owned business upon an accepting community.  She understood...and helped us to realize...we offer an out of this world experience that most folks have never seen.  From the young to the "young at heart"...this is a business built on family fun.  If we operate a clean, safe, family establishment...the world will beat a path to our doors for years to come.  From that vision we have been able to facilitate fun for countless families and secure employment for young people in our community.  Her words echo in our minds and in our policies...but more our hearts everyday.  We hope she is looking down with great pride.

Mony is no longer with us and "Heaven STILL doesn't know what's hit 'em...."

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