Hello and welcome to Laser Mania,

I'm Pat Rothwell, President, Laser Mania, Inc.  I've been in the laser tag business for over 12 yrs...operating and
consulting for several end destination and family fun center laser tag operations.  I began using a competitors gear and have consulted with satisfied and dissatisfied operators of most of the leading brands on the market (and some brands that have gone under).

What I saw was fragile and often featureless gear.  Much of it was built to last just long enough for the purchase check to clear.  Other manufacturers were bleeding customers dry with leases and royalty fees.  Still others were selling territories and franchises...it was disheartening.

My business partner and I saw a need for a mid-priced system that was full featured, rugged, programmable by the end user and upgradable.  We don't build a stripped down version...but we believe we offer Cadillac features with a Chevrolet price.  Best of all....you own this system free and clear!!  No leases, franchise fees, royalties, etc.

In addition to outstanding laser tag systems, we now offer arena build-out as well.  Arena panels and murals can be customized to your theme.  Industry standard 3/4" panels are custom painted, delivered and installed. The arena build-out includes sound system, fog machine, barricades and bases.

We are more than happy...we're PROUD  to share the Laser Mania name with anyone who purchases our gear....we believe our fame and fortune will come from your success.  We offer a free web-page featuring your center on this www.lasermania.com domain.  I'll be glad to share the secrets of every aspect of operations...from fog juice...to marketing...to video games...and everything else I can.

I'm confident we will be hearing from you soon, and I look forward to demonstrating the best laser tag system in the world!!

Thanks for your interest!

Pat Rothwell, President

Laser Mania, Inc
905 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401