If you have a  water based fogger you probably realize

there are two kinds of juice...




                             everything less !


We realized that a few years ago and started doing our homework.  We analyzed several fog fluids on the market.  Cheap juice is glycerin and tap water...quality juice is made from a balance of several pharmaceutical grade chemicals and distilled or de-ionized water.  The prices for various qualities of competitive products range from $15- $40 per gallon.

We at Laser Mania Game Systems produce one of the finest quality fog fluids on the market.  It's an excellent performer in High-End F-100 machines, Martin, Brute and most other foggers.  The hang time is excellent...the only difference is price!! 

1 Gallon = $20.00

4 gallon case = $75.00

5 gallon case (2 X 2.5 gal tank) = $ 75.00

Customer pays actual shipping

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