Please visit a few of these links to discover more about the technologies employed in Laser Mania Game Systems.

Beta-Brite Moving Message Signs This is the scoreboard for your game system.  Additional units may also be used for in-store advertisement.

iButton Memory Devices  These units serve as both Member Identification tags and as diagnostic and control devices.  Extremely versatile, economical and rugged.

HP Laser Printer  This is the printer that comes with your system.  A fast and economical solution to both the scorecard and local marketing requirements of a busy laser tag arena.

EdgePort  Expanding the capabilities of the control PC.  This technology allows Laser Mania Game Systems to maximize the use of several industry standard devices.

X-10  This technology provides some awesome effects...primarily wireless control of outlets, switches, cameras, etc.  The complexity of your arena interaction is limitless!

The following links are to organizations and associations that we find helpful.

LTMSA A non-profit industry organization.  Providing information, management tools, education materials, etc. Laser Mania is proud to be a manufacturing member.

IAAPA The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.  A trade association for the amusement industry...they organize a terrific trade show.

IALEI International Association for the Leisure and Amusement Industry.  Another trade association...they organize Fun Expo.